Best way to sanitize gym equipment

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Everyone loves getting a good amount of exercise. Imagine, first thing in the morning, you roll out of bed and decide to hit the gym. You grab your mask, your keys, and get into the car. From there, you pull up to your favourite gym and proceed inside. However, there is something standing in your way. You find yourself at the mercy of sweaty and stained equipment.

Let's face it, a lot of people use the very same equipment that you intend on utilizing for your daily workout. Whether you are on the treadmill, lifting weights, or just doing crunches, the equipment you use is being touched. Lately, what we touch has been a cause for concern. With deadly viruses out there, like Covid-19, taking extra precautions goes without saying. These extra precautions do include making sure the equipment you have touched, or will touch, is sanitized.

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Sanitizing Gym Equipment

There is a right way to sanitize equipment. That being said, there are definitely wrong ways to do it too. Knowing the difference can keep you healthy and working out. Let's talk about the wrong way to clean equipment. Do not use the same towel/rag that has touched other equipment or people. You don't want a community zest pool of a washing cloth rubbing against where you intend to touch.

Spray bottle and paper towels are good for cleaning many surfaces, but let’s not overlook that many gym equipment has electrical components. Spraying them can cause the electronics to malfunction. The electrical circuits need to be preserved to ensure a safe, optimal, and successful experience for anyone who tries to use the equipment.

As a fitness facility you want to provide a quick and convenient way for your members to sanitize any equipment that members intend on using, as well as the equipment they have already used. The best way to accomplish this is supplying easy to access antibacterial gym wet wipes on the gym floor.

Need Wipes antibacterial wet wipes provide a convenient and effective way to disinfect surfaces and equipment, and are gentle enough for use on hands. The effective alcohol-free formula kills 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria, ensuring your gym equipment is ready for the next member to jump on and workout.

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