Our Wipes.

One box contains 4 rolls of 1200 wipes, totalling 4800 wipes.

There are many! The wipes can with ease be implemented into your daily routine as a one-step cleaning solution for a hygienic, safe and healthy facility which both staff and clients will love. No more handling of chemicals by staff is needed. Additionally, a single pack of Need Wipes lasts much longer than the average paper roll, which means fewer refills and no empty paper towel holders. Convenient and effective, messy bits on the floor is a distant memory. The result is a happy and healthy environment 24/7.

Yes. Our surface wipes can safely be used on all hard and soft surfaces including gym equipment such as upholstery, benches, handles, dumbbells, mats, consoles, handrails, touchscreens and other common area surfaces.

Need Wipes is free from ingredients such as alcohol, bleach and phenol which can dry out your hands after repetitive use. The active ingredient consists of Benzalkonium Chloride which makes them tough on germs and bacteria, but gentle on hands.

While Need Wipes can safely be used on your hands without drying them out, we do not advise using them on other parts of your body.

No. They are fragrance free, but thanks to their specially formulated formula they remove any unpleasant odours, leaving behind a disinfected, clean and fresh surface.

Everywhere from:

·        Gyms & Fitness studios (cardio, strength and stretching areas& equipment, bathrooms, office)

·        Places of worship (main worship area, kitchen, halls, office)

·        Co-working spaces & Offices (kitchen, meeting rooms, lounge areas, communal areas)

·        Educational facilities (classrooms, hallways, communal areas)

… and more!

Please do not take your Need Wipes roll out of the zip lock plastic bag. We also recommend storing your wipes in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and to always refer to the label instructions.

It is important to install it with the nozzle pointing up at all times, with the installation height measuring 100 - 140 cm from the floor to the unit’s top.

We recommend using warm soapy water, followed by a rinse and wipe dry once a week.

Yes. When you buy more you save more! We also offer free delivery to NSW, QLD and VIC metro areas on orders of $449 and over. Please get in touch for delivery costs outside these areas as we are happy to give you a customised offer!

Shipping & Returns.

We are proudly Australian owned, headquartered in Sydney, and ship nationwide. Please contact us for precise freight costs outside of East Coast metro city areas. 

We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee, which means that we will do anything to ensure customer satisfaction.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Our Wipes & The Envionment.

Need Wipes are fully Biodegradable to retain the same vital wipe protection consumers have with plastic wipes - and provide a friendlier, environmentally conscious option for the planet. Unlike traditional plastic blended wipes, biodegradable wipes begin to decompose after just 28 days and are better assimilated into the natural environment.

The compostability of Need Wipes is another victory for the planet. Once your wipes have finished protecting people, they degrade easily and are usable in compost. Our wipes are produced from 100% bamboo, which makes this natural ‘Earth to Earth’ process possible. 

We are actively working to introduce biodegradable bin liners to be available in our shop. Use of biodegradable bin liners is highly encouraged to enable the contents to be exposed to compostable and biodegradable conditions in landfill.

Out of the many options we researched in our quest for the most environmentally friendly wipe protection possible, bamboo was the obvious and most effective choice.

Bamboo is: 100% Biodegradable - Fully Compostable - Naturally Regenerative - Naturally Sustainable - Needs NO Pesticides, Fertilizers or Chemicals - is Naturally Hypoallergenic - Produces Soft Fabric that is Incredibly Strong – and 99.5% of Bacteria Cannot Grow on Bamboo. 

In short, that gives you wipes that are: Biodegradable - Anti-Bacterial – Compostable - Soft & Strong - Ultra-Absorbent and Alcohol & Paraben Free.

It means contributing in all ways possible to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. We attack this on two fronts. 

1. We continually evaluate emissions from each part of our supply chain, including production, shipping and transportation to know the exact footprint for everything we produce – and reduce it at every opportunity. 

2. We have empowered YOU to help further reduce the climate impact of your purchase to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through CarbonClick. 

We are passionate about running our business in the most Ethical and Sustainable ways possible. Impacting social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues in a positive way is part of the Needs Wipes Mission.

Every business that provides wipes for customers, visitors or employees to be clean and safe on their premises can play a major part in the change we are dedicated to. 

Our mission is to challenge wipe providers everywhere to stop using conventional plastic blended wipes that are harming the environment and threatening our health – and choose 100% Bamboo wipes that offer the same anti-bacterial protection for everyone – with Biodegradable protection for the planet.

With your help, a world without plastic wipes is possible. 

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