Say ‘goodbye’ to plastic wipes!

We are on a mission to rid the planet of plastic wet wipes. And we need YOUR help to do it.

In a world where there is increasing pressure to cut down on the use of plastics, it's shocking that 90% of wet wipes are made from plastic materials. What many of us do not realize, is that the wipes are not actually made of tissue paper and are not easily degradable. Most wet wipes are made with plastic resins like polyester or polypropylene. This means they have a long time before breaking down and will continue causing damage for up to 100+ years in landfills or oceans if not disposed properly by consumers.

After considering the widespread use of wet wipes across many different industries, (from hospitals, supermarkets, gyms and co-working spaces to beauty and baby wipes), its very clear that wet wipes containing plastic are one of the worst environmental offenders.

What’s more, plastic wipes result in harmful microplastics that can enter the human body.
How? By ending up in our food-chain and water systems, but also the air we breathe. In fact, according to National Geographic, the average person eats and breathes an approximate 74,000 microplastic particles a year. Worse still, plastic particles have been detected by scientists inside human placentas, posing a real hazard to human life.

A future without plastic wipes is possible, but we need YOUR help to bring about real change.

We are urging the Australian Government to phase out plastic blended wet wipes by 2025. This is not a call for a ban on all types of wet wipes! Wet wipes are extremely convenient and sometimes absolutely necessary to get yourself out of sticky situations, but they should only come from sustainable and naturally-derived biodegradable alternatives which don’t harm our environment in their production or disposal. With many affordable and high-quality plastic free wet wipes available in the market, lets say ‘goodbye’ to plastic wipes and choose biodegradable wet wipes that are both kinder on the skin and on our planet. After all, there is no Planet B.

Make a world of difference by signing the petition to say ‘Goodbye’ to plastic wet wipes.

Need Wipes is a proudly Australian-owned company dedicated to producing the most sustainable, earth and skin-friendly antibacterial wipes on the market. We only have one planet to call home – let’s make it a plastic free one.