Gym & Fitness

In a highly competitive fitness industry it is imperative to deliver on clients’ expectations of a clean and hygienic environment. Need Wipes is a convenient and cost-efficient solution keeping your venue and equipment germ-free!

Our range of non-obtrusive, sleek dispensers (Wall Mounted & Floor Standing Bin Combo) provides your clients and staff with easy access to our time-saving antibacterial wipes. Wiping down equipment after use has never been this easy –just grab and go! The added benefit of neutralising odour makes your facility even more inviting. 

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Co-Working & Corporate Offices

Need Wipes antibacterial surface wipes provide a convenient and effective solution ensuring clean and disinfected co-working spaces and offices. 

Use them on desks and phones, but also in kitchens, bathrooms, meeting rooms, lounge areas and other communal areas for a safe and germ-free environment that your clients want to return to.

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Places of Worship

A visible presence of antibacterial solutions and other precautionary measures is key for places of worships – more so now than ever. Need Wipes antibacterial cleaning wipes provide a quick and convenient way to disinfect all your surfaces giving your community a certain peace of mind when visiting your place of worship.

Thanks to their effective but gentle formula Need Wipes can be used both on wood and upholstered pews in the main worship area, as well as in halls, bathrooms, offices and other communal areas.

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Education / Childcare

Need Wipes is tough on germs, but gentle on big hands and small owing to its 100% alcohol free sanitising solution. The soft 100% Biodegradable Bamboo composition is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic, making the wipes ideal even for the most sensitive skin.

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Entertainment & Events

Need Wipes is especially convenient for use in popular places with high foot traffic and frequently touched surfaces, such as bowling centres, arcade/video game stores and exhibition events. The gentle solution is safe to use on hands and wood surfaces, but also for wiping down devices such as controllers.

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The retail sector has perhaps the most foot traffic of all, from supermarkets, to shopping centres, and it is essential to provide a sustainable yet efficient solution which keeps everyone safe. From shopping trolleys, baskets and cash registers to handrails and food courts, Need Wipes keeps your venue clean and disinfected 24/7 for that extra peace of mind.

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