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In a highly competitive fitness industry it is imperative to deliver on clients’ expectations of a clean and hygienic environment. Need Wipes is a convenient and cost-efficient solution keeping your venue and equipment germ-free!

Our range of non-obtrusive, sleek dispensers (Wall Mounted & Floor Standing Bin Combo) provides your clients and staff with easy access to our time-saving antibacterial wipes. Wiping down equipment after use has never been this easy –just grab and go! The added benefit of neutralising odour makes your facility even more inviting. 

Use them on upholstery, benches, handles, dumbbells, mats, consoles, handrails, touch screens and other common area surfaces, as well as in the office. Need Wipes promotes a healthy facility and community 24/7.

Starter Pack - Black Bin and BoxStarter Pack - Matte Black Wall Dispenser and BoxStarter Pack - Stainless Steel Bin and BoxStarter Pack - Stainless Steel Wall Dispenser and Box

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