Who Are We?

Need Wipes is a proudly Australian-owned company dedicated to producing the most sustainable, earth and skin-friendly antibacterial wipes on the market. We only have one planet to call home – let’s make it a plastic free one.

Good for Business – And the Environment. Reborn to Lead the Way

We believe that a world without plastic wipes is possible. Now, this wasn’t always the case. We admittedly first started out with wipes made from a ‘non-biodegradable’ polyester/polypropylene blend. But, after witnessing dozens of rubbish bags filled with our discarded antibacterial wipes headed to landfill, during the height of Covid-19, we knew we needed to do better to make a difference for the future.

So we decided to change tack completely. Need Wipes was reborn in 2021, with the vision to provide a 100% biodegradable, plant-based solution making plastic wipes a thing of the past.

Driven to Make an Impact

Need Wipes are driven to become industry leaders in promoting positive environmental change, wholly committed to sustainable and ethical practices. From the raw materials we choose, to the factories we partner with, right down to the way we package and ship our products. 

Thanks to the many businesses, who’ve made the switch to Need Wipes already; our vision is closer than ever.

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Our Part
We will continue to explore ways to offset our carbon footprint in every step of our supply chain, and help global reforestation efforts through partnered charities and non-profit organisations.
Your Part
Choosing Biodegradable – Antibacterial - Need Wipes in your dispensers provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to keep everyone protected – including the planet.

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We know there are always more improvements we can make to become more sustainable, and we feel every step, no matter how big or small, matters. We are excited to keep pushing the boundaries  to improve our triple bottom line of sustainability even further.

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