Places of Worship

A visible presence of antibacterial solutions and other precautionary measures is key for places of worships – more so now than ever. Need Wipes antibacterial cleaning wipes provide a quick and convenient way to disinfect all your surfaces giving your community a certain peace of mind when visiting your place of worship. 

Thanks to their effective but gentle formula Need Wipes can be used both on wood and upholstered pews in the main worship area, as well as in halls, bathrooms, offices and other communal areas.

Choose either of our non-obtrusive, sleek dispensers (Wall Mounted & Floor Standing Bin Combo)giving your community and staff instant access to antibacterial wet wipes, which helps to promote a healthy environment 24/7.

Get your place of worship sanitized and ready for high traffic events in no time with Need Wipes!

Starter Pack - Black Bin and BoxStarter Pack - Matte Black Wall Dispenser and BoxStarter Pack - Stainless Steel Bin and BoxStarter Pack - Stainless Steel Wall Dispenser and Box

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