Disinfecting Your Restaurant: The Key to a Safe and Healthy Environment for Customers and Staff

Disinfecting Your Restaurant: The Key to a Safe and Healthy Environment for Customers and Staff

A heightened focus on sanitised, disinfected spaces 

Restaurants, cafes, and other eateries were perhaps the most affected by the pandemic – institutions where cleaning and sanitizing has always been an integral part of the daily business. Thankfully, the food and beverage sector is recovering, but it is not without some substantial operational changes. Many businesses had to adapt to the takeaway model almost overnight, promoting BYO coffee cups, bags and containers and employing different entry and exit points to limit contact between patrons. As the hospitality sector is able to offer indoor dining again, there is a heightened focus on sanitised, disinfected spaces from customers seeking reassurance from their favourite restaurant or cafe. 

So, how do you put your customers at ease and keep them coming back? By promoting happy, healthy environments for your staff and visitors.

Safe for hands and food preparation surfaces 

There are countless touch-points, both front and back of house, that need frequent sanitising and disinfecting. Not only should your disinfectant be efficient, but also safe for food preparation surfaces as well as your employees’ hands. This can sometimes pose a challenge. A lot of antibacterial solutions contain alcohol, bleach and other harsh ingredients, which can act as a chemical contaminant on food surfaces – not to mention dry out your hands. They can also damage your granite or quartz countertops. The same goes for many other household cleaners, including vinegar, which is acidic with a high pH level, and can potentially also damage your countertops over time. So, how do you strike a balance, as a restaurant or cafe owner?

An environmentally friendly antibacterial solution – without compromising on efficacy

The antibacterial wipe has proven itself time and time again to be a great solution to get you out of a sticky situation – fast. But, and it’s a big but, regular disinfecting wipes are usually too concentrated to use on food contact surfaces. And a majority of them also contain plastic, making them a serious environmental offender. In fact, wet wipes can take up to 100 years to decompose, during which time they can cause a lot of damage by polluting our waterways and oceans (!)

Introducing bamboo antibacterial wipes 

One solution to this double-edged sword is to introduce bamboo antibacterial wipes in your establishment. They are a quick and efficient solution to use between guests, and one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. Plus, bamboo has antibacterial properties in itself. 

Our Need Wipes 100% Natural Bamboo Antibacterial Wipes safely kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, without containing any harsh ingredients, and are gentle on big hands and small. They are ideal for wiping down tables, food preparation areas (including quartz and granite countertops), electronic devices, upholstery, leather and other sensitive surfaces. The best bit? They are also compostable, which means they get broken down naturally by microorganisms and returned to the ecosystem. It’s a win-win. For you, your patrons, your staff and the environment.

Staff cleaning table with biodegradable wipe

Best practice to prevent cross-contamination
Ensure your antibacterial wipe is fully soaked before use. Wipe in a regular pattern, avoiding wiping the same area twice, and leave to air dry for 60 seconds. We recommend using a fresh wipe for each new surface to prevent cross-contamination. Along with being free from harsh ingredients, our Need Wipes Antibacterial Bamboo Wipes are also odourless, so you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant lemon-y smell.

So, why not consider adopting Need Wipes into your venue’s cleaning routine? They provide a hassle-free, environmentally friendly cleaning solution that your patrons and staff will appreciate. Give your visitors that extra peace of mind. Just wipe and go! 

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