NeedWipes' Journey with 1% for the Planet and Our 2024 Environmental Allies

Needwipes 1% for the planet

At NeedWipes, we believe that safeguarding our environment is not just a responsibility but a necessity. In line with our mission to contribute positively to our planet, we've proudly partnered with 1% for the Planet, donating a portion of every sale to environmental nonprofits. This year, we've continued with four remarkable organizations whose values align with ours: Greening Australia, Clean Up Australia, Plastic Free July, and Planet Ark. Here's why these causes are close to our heart and how, with your support, we're making a real difference.

Greening Australia

We're passionate about restoring Australia's unique landscapes and biodiversity. Greening Australia's commitment to large-scale rehabilitation projects, especially their work in protecting native habitats and endangered species, resonates with our vision. Our contribution aids in planting native trees and shrubs, restoring ecosystems, and combating climate change.

Clean Up Australia

Inspired by the simple yet powerful act of cleaning up our surroundings, our donation to Clean Up Australia supports their nationwide efforts to tackle waste, reduce pollution, and promote sustainable practices. By joining hands with this initiative, we aim to inspire collective action towards a cleaner, healthier Australia.

Plastic Free July

Plastic pollution is a critical environmental issue, and our alliance with Plastic Free July underscores our dedication to reducing plastic waste. This global movement educates and encourages individuals and communities to refuse single-use plastics, aligning perfectly with our biodegradable wipes initiative. Together, we're stepping towards a plastic-free future.

Planet Ark

Our support for Planet Ark stems from our shared belief in sustainable resource use and waste management. Planet Ark's innovative recycling programs and environmental campaigns have a profound impact on promoting a circular economy. Through our donation, we contribute to a world where resources are reused and recycled, minimizing our ecological footprint.

Together, We Make a Difference

Every NeedWipes purchase is a step towards a healthier planet. Through our partnership with these nonprofits, and with your unwavering support, we're not just providing eco-friendly cleaning solutions; we're part of a larger movement towards environmental stewardship. Join us in this journey. Together, we're not just cleaning up our homes, but our world.

Thank you for being a pivotal part of our mission. Your choice to support NeedWipes is a choice for a greener, cleaner Earth. Let's continue to make a difference, one wipe at a time.